Outsource your HR department.

Newberry Paterson can implement strategic human resource management, build employee engagement, and help you establish clear performance management systems. 

A human resource department might be able to manage your payroll software, Newberry Paterson provides professional services that integrate business coaching, strategic HR, policy and payroll systems, and training and development. 

We can ensure that your staff continue their professional development, plan for career goals within your organisation, and build confidence to deliver continued success to your business. 

Flourish  ​

Teams can often lose focus of what it is they are trying to achieve, people issues arise, team building falls by the wayside and people may find they are no longer challenged in their role. Building a high performing and engaged workforce can be challenging, and you may need to ask yourself - are your people in flow with the work they are doing? 

When we're happy, we're productive, we're good at building meaningful relationships with those around us, and we feel great! The theory of happiness, developed by Professor Martin Seligman, is based on a five sided model of well-being known as "PERMA", outlining five essential elements that should be in place in order to experience lasting well-being. 

Get the best out of your people.

Using principles of Positive Modern Psychology, we can help you build a flourishing workforce, one that grows and develops in a healthy and vigorous way, using career coaching, capability assessments, succession planning and work scans. The aim is to ensure your people are aligned with the company's attitudes, knowledge, skills, and behaviours from the get go.

Effective people management can allow your employees to realise their potential, extend their skills through improving verbal communication skills, professional development and enhanced engagement. 

If you’re a business, we can help you manage the people stuff. Newberry Paterson provide professional, high quality career programs, business coaching programs and tailored human resource services.

​Most people in business know that the success of the organisation is tied to how their staff act, feel, perform and engage. If your people are happy, engaged and valued, then they in turn will contribute more, be more efficient and pass on this value to the organisation’s customers, leading to higher levels of ​customer satisfaction, along with sales, profits and growth.

But we know you’re busy doing what you do best and managing the people component can be tricky. As a business, perhaps you don’t want a full-time HR staff member on your payroll, but you don’t want HR out of a box either - then Newberry Paterson is for you. Our holistic approach is tailored to your needs, driven by a discussion of your specific requirements to achieve a highly valuable experience and lasting outcomes.

Your business needs effective people management.

The people and the culture in your organisation matter. Newberry Paterson can help your staff feel more confident, feel good about their contribution, and make a significant impact on the success of your business. 

Building confident, engaged team members will result in business growth and success. Newberry Paterson can provide everything your team needs to reach their goals.

✔  Performance Management​

Hire to Retire

Hiring the right person for the job can be a lengthy, drawn out process, with no guarantee of a successful outcome. For the sake of convenience, businesses often take the ‘let’s just hire them’ approach, conducting little to no employment checks. Your business may be exposed without robust recruitment and separation practices in place. Regrettable hiring decisions can be costly to your business. How a company handles both its employee recruitment and separations can affect its reputation and future success in recruiting sought-after workers. 

The success of a company largely depends upon its people.

Our best practice recruitment process will ensure your new hires are appropriately selected, welcomed and prepared for their jobs. Onboarding of your new staff will be seamless and aligned, and we will deliver compliant employment contracts, as well as assist with exiting employees to minimise potential costly litigation.



We also deliver immersion-style workshops, which allow participants to acquire knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses. These are designed to assist both businesses and individuals and can be facilitated within small teams or larger groups, depending on your needs. During the workshop, you will experience a state of being deeply engaged and involved; to the point of total absorption.

This is where the most significant changes occur and will help you to find your flow and therefore flourish. Being in flow nurtures your wellbeing. In positive modern psychology, flow is also known as being 'in the zone'. 

In our workshops you will experience perspective shifts which will break-down barriers in your relationships and allow you to get what you want. You will gain insights into yourself and the way you communicate, allowing you to improve your effectiveness. 

Our workshops help you brand yourself for success.

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We help businesses understand their people.
What lasting business outcomes do you want to achieve?

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Organisational Redesign

Lines of communication can become blurred and inefficiencies creep in as a business grows. Some work areas are duplicated or compacted, and some neglected. Senior staff hold onto responsibility that should be delegated. And you spend far too much time on resolving internal people issues.

Organisation design is essential for successful business growth.

During the organisational redesign process, we help you to define the way the business needs to be structured to ensure the work is done on time, to the quality demanded, and in a profitable way. Lines of communication become clear and this minimises silo thinking and risks to the business.

We make sure the right people are in the right roles to deliver the work needed. Clear expectations and goal setting leads to increased employee performance. Employees will have the right authority and skills to deliver to your customers and clients the service they are paying for. Employees will have managers that add value to their work, and the time spent resolving internal issues will be reduced.


✔  Nuts & Bolts

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✔  Hire to Retire

Platinum Package

Want the lot?

You can have the full comprehensive suite of HR packages rolled into one, which means you get:

Our popular services for businesses include:

Newberry Paterson
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✔  Organisational Redesign

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Nuts & Bolts

The Fair Work Act (2010) and new Modern Awards have resulted in many businesses finding themselves with employment contracts and HR policies and procedures that are referencing incorrect awards and redundant legislation that may be placing your business at significant risk. Well drafted contracts provide the framework in which the employment relationship is regulated, with HR policies and procedures establishing and maintaining consistent practices in the workplace. Without them you may not be compliant with relevant laws and regulations. 

Minimise risk by having the appropriate documentation in place. 

We can tailor an employment contract to meet the specific needs of your business so you are fully compliant with all relevant employment laws. We can review your existing policies and procedures or create them for you, meaning that you can be confident you are meeting your legal requirements as an employer.​​​​

✔  Flourish

​Performance Management

When left unmanaged, employee issues within a team can be very damaging to a business and its staff. When managing issues of poor performance or unsatisfactory conduct and/or behaviour, every stage of the process must be conducted fairly and in accordance with industrial legislative requirements. 

Have you followed procedural fairness? This is one of the first questions you'll be asked by the Fair Work Commission when dealing with an unfair dismissal claim. A business needs to ensure procedural fairness has been adhered to, ensuring any dismissals are not "harsh, unjust or unreasonable".

It is important that business owners have a streamlined performance management process. We can step in on the frontline: human resources can be critical to reaching your business goals. It is important that each stage of the HR process is handled according to current Australian laws and requirements. Let us focus on the details of the human resource cycle, while you attend to the growth of your business.

Turnover can be expensive to a business. 

You may come under fire for failing to comply with procedural fairness, so don't wing it. We provide practical assistance and guidance with your employment related issues and can conduct independent investigations at your request, and assist in the resolution of employee disputes, grievances and disciplinary matters. We provide a mediation service assisting with employee issues and conflict resolution.

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