​​​​​Newberry Paterson can help you with:

✔ Career Coaching

✔ Personal Development

✔ Resume Preparation

✔ Interview Techniques

✔ Psychometric and Capability Assessments

​✔ Career Progression Mapping

✔ Managing Change

✔ Dealing with Conflict

✔ Building Your Personal Brand

✔ Managing Change

✔ Effective ​Communication

✔ Build Confidence

✔ Enhancing Negotiation Skills

✔ Improving Performance

​✔ Building Resilience

✔ Overcoming Anxiety

✔ Strengthening Relationships ​

Interview Techniques

Do you want to discover how to prepare for interviews and make a great first impression?

Do you want to feel more confident when you walk into a job interview? Do you want to know how to use your body language to project positivity? Do you need to polish up your verbal communication skills? 

At Newberry Paterson we can walk you through the most important ways to impress the hiring manager. 

We teach strategies to overcome nerves and build confidence, build rapport with the interviewer and promote yourself effectively.

We also assist you to prepare responses to behavioural-based questions and provide feedback on your interview skills in a practice interview.

These tips and techniques help you to stand out from other applicants.

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Career Transition

Have you recently been made redundant? Are you returning to the workforce after taking care of your family or travelling? Do you want to change careers but are not sure what you need to do?

We can work with you to establish a professional development plan - building your confidence and your communication skills to move towards the career you aspire to. We can guide you on your job search and offer career advice to create positive change in your life. 

We can assist you to prepare for job seeking - whether you need expert guidance on the technical stuff (like updating your resume) or are lacking in confidence and looking for a change in career direction. We can help.​


We also deliver immersion style workshops, which allow participants to acquire knowledge and understanding through thought, experience and the senses. These are designed to assist both businesses and individuals, and can be facilitated within small teams or larger groups, depending on your needs. During the workshop you will experience a state of being deeply engaged and involved; to the point of total absorption. This is where the most significant changes occur and will help you to find your flow and therefore flourish. Being in flow nurtures your wellbeing. In positive modern psychology, flow is also known as being 'in the zone'. 

In our workshops you will experience perspective shifts which will break-down barriers in your relationships and allow you to get what you want. You will gain insights into yourself and the way you communicate, allowing you to improve your effectiveness. 

Our workshops assist you to brand yourself for success.  

We help people understand themselves.
​What does success look like to you?

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Our popular services for individuals include:

​​Career Coaching

Are you in flow and flourishing? Are you looking to transform your thinking, your behaviours and create positive change in your life?

No one person is the same so we tailor our program to your individual needs, goals and personal style. While your career is the initial focus, people find benefits flow through to all areas of their lives. 

In this program, a professional coach will assist you to produce extraordinary results in your life, providing objective, confidential support and guidance to achieve what you want.

​​​"I would say that our life experience shapes us and that by using the services of N+P (Sue), there are strategies gained that instantly allow growth, strength and confidence to push past the blockages or challenges that invariably inflict each of us similarly. No matter what the issue, I am certain that what is gained here will be of ongoing value forever. She is a lovely, energetic character of compassion and wisdom to share, whilst she helps you shape your own outcomes in the most ideal environment possible. The results have fast-tracked every aspect of my life and my only issue is that I had not engaged her services earlier. It would have literally saved years. I now walk taller and recommend Sue completely by assuring you that I will confidently use her services each time a new eve brings need for new directions.​"

​- Brett, Director and Business Owner

We understand it can be hard knowing where to start. At Newberry Paterson, we believe that you can and should love your job, and we are here to make that happen. Our outcome-focused coaching provides the clarity, direction and the nudge you need, to live the life you want.

We will provide the rungs to your ladder when it comes to taking the next steps to achieve your career goals. We want to help you find your flow and flourish, because your success is our success.

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Do you want to be a more confident person, learn to manage change effectively or transition your career? Do you want to be a more effective communicator at work and in your personal relationships? Not sure where you are or where you want to go - feeling stuck?

​We're here to help.

​Newberry Paterson helps people to transform their thinking and behaviours to create positive change. No one person is the same, so we tailor our program to your individual needs, goals and personal style.

A professional coach will assist you to produce extraordinary results in your life, providing objective, confidential support and guidance to achieve what you want.

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