Christos Kakoufas, Director

ConK Hair

"We engaged N+P to help streamline our admin procedures and ‘iron-out’ a few staffing concerns we were having. They listened to our needs and provided us with comprehensive solutions.

We have been impressed with N+P’s knowledge base, professionalism, and willingness to help us be better business owners and managers. We are a much better business as a result of N+P’s solid contribution. ConK Hair also engaged N+P to facilitate communication workshops for our staff.  The feedback has been extremely positive and we have noticed several improvements due to these workshops.

Because of the success we have had during our dealings with N+P we will continue to use them in our business. They are an invaluable source of information on Human Resources issues.

Thank you N+P for all your guidance. We appreciate all your help and look forward to our continuing business relationship. We would gladly recommend N+P to any organisation needing HR support." 


Lynn Scholz, Partner

HLM Mann Judd

"We approached N+P because we were unsure how to develop a firm training program that had a theme to educate our firm on creating a respectful and safe work environment which would also touch on bullying and the rights of employees.

N+P helped us by facilitating the whole training program. We found it to be professionally delivered with N+P always pitching the discussion to the level of the audience understanding. The feedback we received was very positive with most of our team praising N+P at their ability to deliver a dry topic in such an interesting and thought provoking way.

One thing I liked about N+P’s approach was their ability to listen to the outcomes we were wanting to achieve and ensuring they met them. I found the interaction with N+P to be very supportive and rewarding and I would recommend N+P to any business no matter what size." 



Evelyn O'Loughlin, CEO

Volunteering SA-NT

"I wish to formally express my thanks and appreciation for the fantastic presentation you gave to our staff at our Planning Days. The session was well received by the staff who have all expressed positive feedback.

The information shared not only contributes to our professional development by learning how our reactions to different challenges are our choice but also how by utilising positive thought it can make leadership in our sector more effective which contributes to the sustainability of our organisation. Once again, thank you for sharing your substantial wealth of knowledge and I look forward to a continuing partnership with you into the future."


Tony Siviour, CEO

Renmark Paringa Council

"Renmark Council has undertaken a workforce planning exercise to map out the requirements to grow and make the organisation more efficient over the next 5 years. Newberry Paterson Pty Ltd were engaged to work with the Executive Leadership Team and all staff in achieving its people goals.  

In an engaging manner Rebecca and Sue worked with managers and staff to develop outcome focussed positions descriptions, facilitated cultural conversation workshops and developed a condensed set of core values which was driven by what the staff connected with. This aligned to the commitment the Council has to a sustainable future and drives and connects our accountabilities to achieving this goal. In addition Newberry Paterson has developed a core value enabler program which seeks to reward behaviours which align to the staff’s new core values.

We have engaged N+P on several occasions and will continue to do so as their engagement style delivered in a professional manner with a smile and an element of fun, compliments the Executive Leadership team. I have no hesitation recommending them to anyone wishing to engage their people and bring unity to an organisation."  



Darren Kennedy, Sales Manager


"A huge 'Thank You' for the work you did at our recent conference and for being so flexible with our requirements.

Your presentation was the main talking point amongst the team once we’d concluded the 1 ½ day event and I know that you have made an impact, in one way or another, with every member.

You’ve also given me some great tools to reference on an ongoing basis to ensure that the content will continue to live and breathe.

I’ll send you the date for our next get-together as we would love to have you back. We feel we’ve just scratched the surface and believe you will be able to assist us in providing our team with an edge when it comes to dealing with their customers and with each other.

I’d be more than happy to provide this feedback to any potential clients of yours."  



Kirsteen Mackay, Director

Office for Design and Architecture SA, Government of South Australia

"Our team was experiencing disruptive behaviours and inconsistencies in deliverables following a merging of two previously unrelated areas of the business.

A practical and sensitive approach to uncovering what the real issues were allowed us to align common purpose with service offering and clarify expectations both within the team and to the executive.

The team culture has changed radically and for many, the individual experience was personally transformative. One of the most unexpected and impressive outcomes is that the high performing culture is now self-sustaining." 


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